It used to be to get a housing loan, you had to walk into several banks, and hope you’d walk out with a good rate.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to find right and trust-able and dedicated banker to follow up your housing loan process. Most of the mortgage loan applicant didn’t know they could get approval at easier way, hassle free.

That’s why we started Mortgage Sifu, a professional mortgage team who dealing with 10 major banks in Malaysia. We had been in this industry for more than 10 years and our aim objective is to help our client get loan approval within the time frame given as well as have option to choose for better loan offer from different kind of bank. Everyone deserved right housing loan with transparency and effective way.

We believe new approach to mortgage process was needed and it’s our job to make ukraine brides com it easier and hassle free. In addition, we can provide more bank offer for clients to compare and get better mortgage loan offer.